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Ecobee Thermostats

  • There are two heating/cooling units for upstairs and downstairs that are independently controlled with Ecobee Smart Thermostats. 

  • These thermostats are equipped with voice activation. You will see a microphone icon in the lower right corner that enables or disables Alexa functionality (red LED across top means “Alexa” functionality is off).

  • The downstairs control is next to the kitchen, just left of the bar area and the upstairs controller is in the hallway.

  • These are touch screen units and should already be programmed with ideal comfort settings. If for some reason you can’t find your comfort level let us know and we’ll make it right.

  • If you need to make changes, feel free to drag your finger along the right side of the screen to adjust the temperature.

  • In the upper doorways of most rooms are 1” white temperature & occupancy sensors. The sensors monitor each room and allow the HVAC to efficiently target specific rooms to maintain comfort. If nobody occupies the upstairs for some time the HVAC will go into Eco mode.

  • Any downstairs exterior door open for more than 5 minutes will put the downstairs thermostat in Eco mode shutting off the Heater or A/C until the door(s) are closed.

  • Please do not touch/tamper/remove any of the HVAC sensors above the doorways.

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