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Ecobee Thermostat

  • There are two heating/cooling units for that are independently controlled with Ecobee Smart Thermostats.

  • These thermostats are equipped with voice activation. You will see a microphone icon in the lower right corner that enables or disables Alexa functionality (red LED across top means “Alexa” functionality is off).

  • The downstairs control is next to the kitchen, just left of the bar area and the upstairs controller is in the hallway.

  • These are touch screen units and should already be programmed.

  • If you need to make changes, feel free to drag your finger along the right side of the screen to adjust the temperature.

  • In the upper doorways of most rooms are 1” white temperature & occupancy sensors. The sensors monitor each room and allows the HVAC to efficiently target specific rooms to maintain comfort.

  • The HVAC fans cycles 5 minutes every hour to freshen the air.

  • Please do not touch/tamper/remove any of the HVAC sensors.

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