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House Policies

Guest’s rental of the Property from Paradise Pines, LLC is made subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Cancellation: 

    1. Cancellation 60 days prior: Guest will receive 100% of the amount they have paid

    2. Cancellation 30 days prior: Guest will be returned 50% of the amount they have paid.  

    3. Cancellation LESS than 30 days prior: Guest will not receive a refund.  Also, dates of vacation cannot be changed during this time.  

    4. No refunds or alterations to guest’s reservation will be given if guest decides to depart early from their agreed upon reservation time, as this falls under the 30 day policy.  If you have concerns that you may need to depart prior to completing your reservation, travel insurance is recommended.


  • Check In/Check Out: Our standard Check In is 4:00pm and Check Out time is 11:00am.  Early check in or late check out is not available unless previously arranged with Paradise Pines.  Attempting to use your door code prior to standard or agreed upon check in time will not result in entry to the home.  During high season (including summer and major holidays) early check ins or late check out are rarely available.  Guest who stay beyond the 11:00am check out time (without permission) will be charged a fee of $150 per hour.  In the event, a guest stays longer than 3 hours past check out time a fee equal to an entire day’s rental rate will be applied.  A vacation rental home has many areas both indoor/outdoor that require cleaning/sanitation.  In order to maintain our high standards of cleanliness, the housekeeping and maintenance teams require adequate time to prepare for the next guest thus this strict policy.


  • Authorized Use: Guest will use the Property only as a personal vacation residence and for lawful purposes only.

    1. Guest will not damage, destroy, or create a nuisance on/about the property (or permit another to damage or destroy the Property) 

    2. Only authorized guests may reside at the Property. 

    3. Guest will not assign any interest in, or sublet, any part of the Property. 

  • Guest Inspection: Guest will on arrival examine the Property.  

    1. Please immediately report any damage discovered and any equipment not in proper operating condition. 

    2. If Guest fails to report any property or equipment damage, Guest may be held responsible for any damage discovered after Guest’s occupancy.


  • Weather and Property Conditions:  Refunds will not be issued due to the occurrence of any of the following non-exclusive events: inclement weather, failure/closure of public utilities, closure of recreational amenities, natural disasters (including, but not limited to, the evacuation of Sunriver due to a forest fire). 

    1. No warranties are provided concerning amenities available through the homeowner associations including: pools, shared hot tubs, club houses, tennis courts, golf facilities, picnic areas, and bike paths.

    2. Guest acknowledges that the property is located in a mostly undeveloped and untamed wilderness area. Guests freely agrees to accept and assume the risk for hazardous conditions noted below and other conditions potentially unknown.

      1. Certain hazardous animals such as birds, reptiles, bugs/insects, and large mammals (deer, coyote, mountain lions, etc.) are present and could cause damage, injury, illness, and/or death to a person.

      2. Hazardous conditions exist which could include but are not limited to cliffs, holes, brush, ponds, rivers and harmful plants

    3. Guests will not use the property if obvious unsafe hazardous conditions exist. Upon notice of a hazardous condition being present, Paradise Pines LLC, will inspect the property and determine if this condition exists.  If a hazard is identified, Paradise Pines LLC will make a reasonable effort to address this issue in a timely fashion.

    4. Guests will make an effort to prevent any wild animals, including bugs, rodents, and other animals from entering in and onto the Property.


  • Accidental Damages/Missing Items:  Guest(s) are responsible for all property damages caused or items not returned during rental period. 

    1. A $750 security deposit is required to rent Paradise Pines, LLC

    2. Costs and expenses incurred to repair or replace damaged property will be billed to Guest’s credit card

    3. After completion of any necessary repairs or replacements, Paradise Pines, LLC will send Guest a letter describing the charges in reasonable detail.

    4. If an item is damaged that belongs to a matching set and a matching piece cannot be found the guest will be responsible for replacing the set. 

    5. Failure to return remotes for TVs, soundbars, or other entertainment systems is subject to $50 fee per remote.

    6. HVAC sensors are located on the door frame of each bedroom and in the game room to improve HVAC efficiency.  Any missing HVAC sensors will be subject to $75 fee per sensor.


  • No Smoking Allowed: This Property, and all of Sunriver is non-smoking.  Evidence of smoking, such as the smell of cigarettes, marijuana or cigar smoke inside the Property is sufficient basis to charge Guest for smoke clean-up, including removal of smoke from carpeting, AC ducts/filters and furniture. Guest acknowledges that this clean-up is expensive and is responsible for a $500 cleaning fee, as well any additional charges for smoke damage. 


  • No Pets Allowed: Paradise Pines does not allow pets anywhere on the property, even temporarily. If a pet is found on the property the guest will be found to be in violation of the rental agreement.  Guest would lose their security deposit secondary to the need for advanced cleaning and/or be asked to leave the home secondary to this violation without refund on their stay.  When not being rented, Paradise Pines is also a personal home for the owners and their family.  Certain family members, as well as paying guests, have severe allergies and any animal on the property could cause these individuals severe respiratory distress or compromise.  There are many animal friendly homes in Sunriver, so we encourage you to select one of these properties if traveling with an ADA animal to maintain the safety of Paradise Pines for all. 


  • Use Restrictions: Home and property are not to be used for parties or large gatherings beyond the registered number of guests.  Deschutes County has strict occupancy laws for the safety of guests.  Failure to observe these laws can result in severe penalties for Paradise Pines through fines or inability to rent in the future.  Also,  Sunriver as a community has quiet hours between 10:00 pm until 7:00 am.  Guest agrees to fully comply with local noise regulations.


  • Bikes:  All bikes and/or related equipment are made available only for Guest’s recreational use during Guest’s scheduled reservation.

    1. Guests understand it is their responsibility to first examine and perform a pre-departure inspection prior to each use. 

    2. Bikes provided will be in good working order and undergo regular maintenance. Should you find any issues with your bikes, please reach out for assistance. 

    3. Guest’s use of the bikes will be done at Guest’s sole risk.  Guest’s use of the bikes may be dangerous and may result in injury or death.  Paradise Pines LLC makes no representations or warranties concerning the quality or safety of the bikes. 

    4. Guests will use and operate the bikes safely, for their intended purpose, and with due care and observe/adhere to any and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations concerning the use and/or operation of the bikes. Guest will observe Oregon’s Bicycle Helmet Law, which requires any person less than 16 years of age riding a bike or riding as a passenger on a bike, in any public place, to have a helmet on.

    5. Guests are responsible for obtaining and wearing proper, legally compliant bicycle helmets. 

    6. Guests will not modify, damage and/or destroy the Bikes (and/or permit another to damage or destroy). Guest will pay and be responsible for any damage or destruction to the Bikes. 

    7. Guests will be responsible for payment of any lost and/or stolen Bikes. 

    8. Guests will ensure that the Bikes are returned to their proper storage location at the Property at the end of Guest’s scheduled reservation.


  • Hot Tub: Use of the hot tub is at Guest’s sole risk.

    1. Guest acknowledges the hot tub and surrounding patio/deck may be dangerous.  Entry and exit of the hot tub including operation of the cover should be done cautiously.

    2. Those who are pregnant, have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or have other potential health conditions should only use the hot tub on the advice of their doctor.

    3. We do not recommend young children use the hot tub.  All children MUST be supervised by a responsible adult.

    4. Hot tub temperatures should not exceed 104 degrees.

    5. Never use the hot tub alone.

    6. Do not bring glassware or other breakable items around the hot tub

    7. Guest is aware that use of a hot tub may result in injury or death. 

    8. If at any time the hot tub looks cloudy or dirty, Guest will cease any further use of the hot tub and will call/text for service.

    9. If we are immediately notified of an issue where the hot tub is inoperable during a guest’s stay, a $25 per night refund will be issued for every 24 hours it is not in service.


  • Bunk Beds: Guest agrees to use bunk beds and bunk bed ladder at their own risk.  

    1. Guest(s) with children should be especially cautioned regarding ladder use and agree to accept all responsibility for minors. 

    2. Guest agrees to limit top bunk use to occupants 6 years or older and limit top bunk occupancy to one person.

    3. No jumping or other horseplay on or around the bunk beds.

    4. Always use ladder for entering and leaving the upper bunk.


  • BBQ Use: Guest agrees to maintain and operate outdoor BBQ in a safe manner.

    1. Guest will stay by the BBQ when in use and while it is hot.

    2. Guest will use appropriate grilling tools and mitts when using BBQ.

    3. Guest agrees to not move or relocated BBQ.

    4. Children will be closely monitored around BBQ.

    5. Guests agrees after use, to clean BBQ grates to remove food fragments, sauces/marinades, or accumulated fat/grease. Not cleaning the BBQ increases risk of fire and also is unpleasant for guests who arrive after you.

    6. Failure to clean BBQ will result in $50 cleaning fee.

  • Fireplace: Guest agrees to use indoor fireplace in safe manner.

    1. Guest will ensure that the stone mantle will be free of all items prior and during use.

    2. Guest will closely monitor children during fireplace use and for up to an hour after. The glass and surrounding get extremely hot.

    3. Report any issues with operation of the fireplace immediately.

  • Use of Security Cameras: Guest understands and accepts that the Property is protected by two outside security cameras.  One camera is a doorbell security camera at the front entry. This camera faces a public space and covers the walkway up to the home, as well as a large portion of the driveway.  The second camera is located over the garbage access door on the south side of the house.  This camera faces the pathway to the garbage and into the common greenspace.  Neither camera faces any windows or private spaces.  The primary purpose of the cameras is to maintain safety of the home when unoccupied.  These cameras are not routinely monitored but are recording both video/sound 24/7.  There are no cameras inside the Property. Tampering, disabling, or destroying this camera is prohibited and could result in eviction secondary to violation of house policies.


  • Waiver, Release, and Indemnification: Guest acknowledges and agrees that use of the Property (including, without limitation, bikes, bunk beds, hot tub, and other equipment, and activities in/around the property) bears certain risks and hazards which may result in injury, damage, illness or death to Guest(s) and/or third parties.  You acknowledge the Property may have features, amenities, and conditions that are unfamiliar to Guest and others you invite to the Property. 


Guest hereby knowingly and freely agrees to accept, as well as assume all risks and hazards (whether known or unknown).  Guest knowingly and voluntarily waives, releases, and forever discharges liability from Paradise Pines LLC and property owner(s).  Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Paradise Pines LLC, property owner(s), contractor(s), and representatives of aforementioned parties from/against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, liabilities, injuries, losses, and expenses of every kind (whether known or unknown).


The supervision and safety of all children is the direct responsibility of guest, parents, and/or caretakers of children on this premise, including but not limited to stairs, bunk beds, hot tub, or any/all other activities on premises. Guest understands and accepts that no special measures to “childproof” this Property has occurred.

Age Restrictions: A reservation may not be made by any person less than 25 years of age.


Paradise Pines LLC is not responsible for any loss, theft, vandalism, damage, and/or destruction to Guest’s personal property occurring during a stay.


Miscellaneous: Each provision contained in this Agreement will be treated as a separate and independent provision. The unenforceability of any one provision will in no way impair the enforceability of any other provision. 

This Agreement contains the entire agreement and understanding between the parties and supersedes any other oral or written negotiations, discussions, representations, or agreements. 


This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon and the venue for any action concerning this Agreement will lie in Deschutes County, Oregon. If litigation or arbitration is instituted to enforce or determine the parties’ rights or duties arising out of the terms of this Agreement, the prevailing party will recover from the losing party reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred in such proceeding to the extent permitted by the judge/arbitrator, in arbitration, at trial, on appeal, or in any bankruptcy proceedings. 


If there is more than one Guest, each Guest will be jointly liable for the performance of each and every Guest obligation arising out of or under this Agreement. The termination of this Agreement, regardless of how it occurs, will not relieve a party of any obligations that have accrued before termination. 


If Guest fails to perform any of Guest’s obligations under this Agreement, Paradise Pines, LLC may pursue any and all remedies available at law or in equity.  All available remedies are cumulative and may be exercised singularly or concurrently. Guest will ensure that each guest complies with this Agreement.  The renting Guest will be liable for any other guest’s failure to comply with this Agreement. 

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