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YouTube TV

  • YYouTube TV is provided as an option to traditional cable including local channels.  This services provides all the same local channels and live shows you are use to with DVR capabilities.  The app is available on all TVs in the home. If you find one signed out, message us with the signin code and we’ll get you back up and running. 

  • The main layout you will see on YouTube TV includes three different tabs: Library, Home, Live.

  • Library is where you'll find any shows or sports teams that have been added to the account, along with DVR recordings.

  • The Home tab recommends shows to you, based on viewing habits and your local broadcast channels.

  • Finally, the Live tab shows what's on across all the channels included in the subscription at that moment.

  • Please do not log out of YouTube TV, as this will prevent future guests from accessing live shows, sports, etc.

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