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LG 4K Smart TVs

  • The living room & game room are newer LG Smart TVs with voice remotes.  They will work the same.

  • By powering on the TV, the audio receiver, surround sound and subwoofer (downstairs) or soundbar with subwoofer (game room) will automatically turn on. Volume will be controlled with the TV remote.

  • If the downstairs receiver input changes from TV there will be no audio. If this happens, power on the receiver manually, change input to TV, turn both off, and the TV should go back in sync.

  • The receiver will turn off after about 4 hours of inactivity, if this happens PLEASE DO NOT turn on the TV speakers. Instead power off the TV, wait a few seconds, turn it back on and the receiver and audio will return.

  • When you power on, the initial screen will say “No signal” and a landscape will appear. Push the “home” icon located in the middle, left of the remote to choose your app. 

  • YoutubeTV is the app you’re looking for if you would like to watch live TV/Local Cable.

  • If you hold the microphone button and say “Open YouTube, Spotify, Disney, etc”, the TV should direct you.

  • All TVs have streaming and casting abilities from your Android or Apple devices.

  • An HDMI cable is provided at each TV for connection of gaming or other devices.

  • If you need a HDMI input on the Living room TV, simply disconnect the DVD player and use the DVD input on the receiver to pass through to the TV. Please return it the way you found it for our following guests.

  • f you need a HDMI input on the Game room TV, simply use the remote HDMI plug on the lower left of the TV. 

  • Please do not change any inputs or unplug anything attached to these TVs as this causes problems for future guests.

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