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Check out time is 11:00am.

  • Please place all dirty dishes/glasses in dishwashers and start the wash cycle. You do not need to unload the clean dishes.

  • Please gather all dirty towels and start a load (up to 12 towels) using the normal wash cycle. Once complete, load the dryer. If time permits (and there are more dirty towels) please start a 2nd load, as this really helps the cleaning service since towels take so long to dry.

  • Empty kitchen/bathroom trash and place it in the garbage cans in the trash access room in the garage. Please do not throw recycling in trashcans, especially large unbroken down cardboard boxes. This is resulting in huge garbage bills of over $100 extra per week. The blue can without a lid is for clean recyclables. Larger or excess recycling can be taken for free to the recycling center between Circles 3 & 4, less than a mile away. Do not leave garbage/recycling in the garage.

  • If you moved any furniture, please return it to its original location. Our cleaning person is not physically capable of moving things back.

  • If the BBQ was used, please clean and leave in a condition you’d like to find it as a renter (it is not cleaned by housekeeping).  Please turn the gas valve behind the grill to the off/closed position.

  • Please lower the patio umbrella when not in use and when departing (summer afternoon thunderstorms can be nasty).

  • Please turn down the hot tub temperature to 98 and lock the hot tub with cable. Leave the hot tub key in the dish in the kitchen.

  • Please ensure that all remotes are back with their respective TV.  

  • Lock all windows and doors, including sliding doors and garage trash access door before your departure.  Front door can be locked by pushing red icon at bottom of key pad.​ Back slider door can be a little tricky.  Often you have to push both on the handle and the left side of the door in order for it to latch (since it is so heavy).  If this is not possible, please ensure wooden block is placed at the lower left side of the door for security.

As noted in house policies, any lost remote, hot tub key, or uncleaned BBQ will result in a $50 charge per issue, as this is the cost to remedy the problem for the next guests.​​


We sincerely hope you enjoyed your stay and had a 5-star experience. When you have a spare moment, we would greatly appreciate a review of your stay. We know your time is valuable. Your feedback helps us improve guest experience and grow our small family business.


Thank you again and safe travels! We hope to host your next vacation in Sunriver soon!

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Check Out Instructions

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